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Dato' Howard 导师简历 :
亲身经历过两次经济风暴 (这次MCO第三次),销售不但没减反增 ,到底如何做到呢?


Online Transfer 方式
1) 汇款至以下户口
Chester Black Card Sdn Bhd
CIMB 8010527970
2) 点入“whatsapp 我们” 以及发送汇款单据给我们的团队。
3) 当你点入whatsapp链接,你将会看到以下信息
“你好,我想要报名《10个精明生存策略》,我已付款,这是我的单据。我的名字是xxx, 电话号码xxx, Email是xxx”

Frequent Asked Questions (常问问题) 

i. How do I know the registration is done / 如何知道注册已完成?

Once payment done via online transfer, kindly WHATSAPP your receipt to our team. We'll send you the ZOOM Meeting Link after confirmation with account department./ 如果您是通过网络银行转账,您需要发您的单据至我们的团队。在与会计部核对后,我们将发送ZOOM Meeting Link至您的Email。

ii.  Will I get recordings/any playback after the course / 我会拿到录影或者重播吗?

Playback link will be shared for any absence with limited access time, playback link will be shared upon request. 记录连载只会给缺席者,而且只限特定时长,过后连载将被回收。

iii. What if I'm unable attend for any 1 or 2 days of the course / 如果我在之中1或2天不能出席呢?

As mention in question ii, playback link will be provided or you'll be invited to attend for the next session for free (same course). 就像第二题说到,我们将提供重播链接,或者再度邀请你们免费来参与下一堂同样的课程。

iv. When will be the English session / 几时会有英语教学?

In the midst of arranging, we will try to notify you through email, whatsapp or notice on social media. (please follow my page) / 我们会尽快安排然后发送电邮,whatsapp,或者通告在社交媒体上。(请记得关注我的网页)

v. What is the 2-days course about? / 两天课程包括社么呢?

Dato Howard personal experiences and his syllabus 10 pillars of Business Strategies. / 拿督Howard 本身的经验还有10支柱的生意模式。

vi. Any material provided during the course / 有什么课程内容可以提供的呢?

It's only webinar session with slides / 只有Webinar和slides

vii. Duration of the course / 课程时长

2 hours per session / 每一环节两小时

viii. Is this refundable / 是否有退款条例

No, any reason for absence will be replaced by the playback link / 没有,我们会给予重播影像。

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