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Black Card,
a leading platform that leads everyone to FINANCIAL FREEDOM, how?

Joining Black Card
is like CTOS scoring, in order to obtain bank loan, you must first be a good scorer in CTOS;
In order to be successful in real estate investment, business scaling & network expansion, is a must !

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Well-known successful entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and industries are gathered in here !

Curious about how this Platform lead you to success & achieve financial freedom by investing in special deal real estate?

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Here comes Black Card Platform !


We invest in "Special Deal" in real estate together

We ​scale business & grow branding together with close circle bonding

Special invitation ticket to join close VVIP circle & also the fastest way to approach more successful entrepreneurs, by following the right circle, the possibility of being success will be increased by 50%


We target to bring up 5000 millionaires in Black Card Platform, we make you ONE TOO !


Learn how to apply management strategies by our VVIP successful entrepreneurs through their sharing, strategies, action plans.

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Our founder – Dato’ Howard Chew is going to proudly introduce Black Card to you Via ZOOM !
(Seperate into 2 sessions )


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12/6/2021 (Saturday)

Live Session with Dato Howard Chew

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Image by Drew Beamer


TIME :  




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