Transformation of a Driver to now a RM100K earner annually.

Updated: May 15, 2020

Mr.Awie – The legend and one of the top sales real estate negotiators of Chester Venture Berhad. Just like other agents, he’s selling and renting houses to customers. Here comes the question, what makes him special and different from the rest? Before year 2011, he was a driver to Chairman – Dato’ Howard Chew with monthly income of RM1.3k, fetching Dato’ from this to another destination for meetings, meeting clients, developers and etc. He was surprised to experienced and witnessed how Dato’ managed to sell and close deals in very effective ways, sometimes Dato’ even closed deals inside the car. Dato’ Howard then advised Awie to pursue real estate career path for better income.

Dato' Howard Chew with Mr Awie( Mohd Shariman B Mohd Shaari Tan)

On year 2011, Awie had decided to give up his job as a driver but to start and build his new career as a Real Estate Negotiator in Chester. He understands it would be hard for him to start as being an agent is a very rewarding profession, but the rewards don’t come easy. The biggest challenge was to constantly self- push and motivate as well as to have self-discipline to keep moving no matter what as he has zero knowledge about real estate.

He did not make over at the beginning, he came across tough period as he has monthly commitments and family awaiting him to support. Dato’ was impressed on his decision, became Awie’s mentor on non-stop teaching, inspiring and guiding him on this path. Dato’ told him to be an agent; he needs to keep positive all the time, and to be mentally strong facing rejections.

Today, he owns 4 units of properties and earning averagely RM20K income per month, achieved more than RM4 millions personal sales in year of 2018. His name and photo appear on Chester’s top sales agents ranking every quarter. He’s not only a successful and

experienced senior agent, but also a Team Manager leading and guiding his team on how to be as good as or better than him. He created a legend story and became the role model in Chester - Always be hunger for opportunities to improve, keep pushing yourselves to the limit as it’s an important trait to succeed in a career.

Watch his video to inspire what your life should be:

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